Offshore Dive Site (30km+)
Hammour Barge – Wreck Dive – Maximum Depth 15m
Not specifically known when this wreck was sunk, but estimated to be around the late 80's. Lying upright and holding its cargo of pipes, surrounding by lots and lots of hammour, hence her name

Lion City – Wreck Dive – Maximum Depth 30m
With her name still visible on her bow, she lies on her port side, sank by the UAE Armed Forces, not so far from the Jasim and Ludwig wrecks. Her living quarters and engine room easily accessible. White corals and hydro corals can be seen here, surrounded by shoals of yellow coloured blackspot snapper

Mv Hannan – Wreck Dive – Maximum Depth 20m
Most probably sank while working in the Abu Dhabi oil fields given its location near the offshore rigs, a small coastal vessel lying on her port side. Large shoals of yellow striped jacks and finger jacks (queen fish), Barracuda and large sized hammour, pufferfish and batfish. You'll also see bell, leopard, eagle and electric rays and some guitarsharks

Jazirat Sir Bu Nair– Coral Gardens - Maximum Depth 36m
An lsland that lies around 70km from the coast, a protected turtle breeding area and resident to many migrating bird species. Large area of staghorn coral in magnificent condition and home to prolific shoals of fish including; pelagic fish, spotted eagle rays and barracuda

Jasim - Wreck Dive - Maximum Depth 28m
A 60m long coastal tanker which was sunk by the UAE Armed Forces in March 1986 during training. Lying on her port side and heavily broken up. You can still enter the bridge, living quarters, accommodation and engine room. Surrounded by lots of stingray and big barracuda

Mv Ludwig - Wreck Dive - Maximum Depth 27m
More or less intact and lying on her port side. Sank by the UAE Armed Forces during target practice, the bridge received a direct hit ripping its internal walls and the roof. Hydro corals and sea squirts among the first inhabitants, and now also housing pennantfish and shoals of damselfish
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