Motorized Watersports

Banana Boat / Octopus Ride


A fun ride that can be enjoyed in the company of family or a group of friends, banana boat and Octopus rides make for unforgettable memories that will be treasured for a long time.


Water Ski


Water skiing is an exciting outdoor water sport that involves a towboat pulling a skier who skims along the surface of the water. As with skiing, water skiers attach their feet to two skis, only instead of whizzing over snowcapped mountains you skim the sea. It feels different, so even if you’re a semi pro skier don’t think you’ll have an easy ride – but you’ll have fun learning.




An exciting combination of snowboarding, surfing, water skiing and skateboarding, wakeboarding is a thrilling sport that allows you to skim across the water’s surface as you admire the breathtaking view of Abu Dhabi’s coastline.


Knee Board


A perfect activity for thrill seekers who wish to beat the heat while engaging in an exciting adventure. If wakeboarding appeals but you’re too chicken to try it, try knee boarding instead. It’s similar, you just do it on your knees so you feel steadier.


Donut Ride


Pulled by a boat and go for a spin of a lifetime. The speed and manner in which this occurs is usually dictated by the riders. Children are generally given in a slow, tame ride while thrill-seeking teenagers will usually opt to be towed faster. A popular fun ride not to be missed.



Flyboard and Surfing Air Boarding lets you shoot in the air like a rocket. You strap your feet into boots attached to a board, which is powered by a hose linked to a Jet Ski. When the Jet Ski engine guns, the board rises three metres in the air – taking you along with it.


Fly Fish



Speed zone 2






Airhead Hexsanity



Wake surf



Viper 3





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