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A non-profit voluntary federal organization and is accredited by UNEP as an International Environmental Organization. EDA is fully committed to create a harmonious and healthy diving environment so that future generations will continue to enjoy the same marine life and experiences that we have. Over time, EDA shall be developing many ways for divers and non-divers to participate in events, expeditions and research
To conserve, protect and restore the UAE marine resources by empathizing and promoting the marine environment and environmental diving
  • Legislate all diving activities in the UAE
  • Ensure environmentally respectful diving practices in all EDA members
  • Promote and support the diving industry within the UAE by coordinating the efforts of the diving community
  • Promote diving safety in the commercial and recreational diving fields through standardization of practices
  • Promote and preserve historical aspects of diving within the gulf region and enhance environmental education to diving and non-diving communities through EDA activities

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Environmental Guidelines
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