About Us

Emirates Divers is a leading Diving Services Centre in Abu Dhabi. Founded by an Emirati lead by his passion for Scuba Diving and exploring the underwater world. We are a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors - the world's leading diving training organization) Dive Centre which allows us to offer a full range of Diving Courses, from beginners all the way to becoming a Professional. We also offer Specialty Courses such as Enriched Air and Underwater Photography.
What we offer:
- PADI diving courses for all levels
- Primary retailers for Aeris diving equipment
- Diving equipment rental
- Group trips and private bookings for diving/snorkelling or boat excursions
- Private boat tours around the islands and mangroves
- Tank refill station

We have a customer centric approach, and commitment to implement the highest levels of excellence. Our PADI Diving Instructors are fully qualified and meet the highest of standards and health & safety, enabling our students to learn from the best in a safe and enjoyable environment.

With comprehensive training materials we offer our students an interactive and fun, educational experience whilst mastering important safety concepts and skills. All our training courses can be given in Arabic or English. We can also provide lady Instructors for women classes.

Emirates Divers operate group trips and private bookings for diving/snorkelling or boat excursions. There are a range of dive sites around Abu Dhabi waters suited for all levels of divers so you can experience the colourful corals, shoals of beautiful fish, various marine life, and offshore wrecks. All our Dive Trips require participants to hold relevant diving certification, whether group or private bookings, and go accompanied with our PADI Professionals, which is strict policy / mandatory.

Our craft are kept well maintained, with our engines serviced as per manufacturer's recommendation, and equipped with safety and navigation equipment to ensure we do our utmost in the unlikely event of an emergency situation.

We are the primary retailers for AERIS, a leading Dive Equipment Manufacturer based in the US, raising the standards of features and technology available in the diving industry. Improving performance, aesthetics, function and value for you.

Our scuba equipment rental service allows our customers to call us with their sizes and requirements which is then prepared and readied for their collection.

We at Emirates Divers are active in our commitment to the preservation of local marine resources and promoting safe diving. We ensure a conscious effort is made towards minimizing the negative effect of our operations wherever we venture
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