In house servicing of most equipment



Fast turnaround and accountable service


Regular servicing of your scuba equipment is very important to ensure safe, reliable performance and to ensure your expensive kit has a long life. Diving regulators should be serviced at regular intervals depending on time and the amount of use they have. Cylinders have test dates and are subject to regulations, if your cylinder is out of date or in poor condition most air fill stations will refuse to fill it.


EDC Servicing Center


Do you ever wonder why your servicing takes so long to get back from the dive shop – often because it is farmed out to another servicing centre to do the work and that’s why it takes ages for your kit to be returned . . . Well not any more! 


Emirates Divers Centre has expanded its operation to offer you a far better service, with its own 'in house' servicing and testing station.





The EDC Servicing Centre is staffed by our own A.S.S.E.T. (Association of Scuba Services Engineers & Techicians) approved technician holding servicing certificates for an extensive range of Scuba equipment.


We have invested in the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment that is available in the UK.


Our in-house technician, will ensure that your equipment is properly prepared for your underwater adventures before it leaves our servicing centre.




Planning for a dive trip?


We would strongly recommend that you have your dive equipment serviced well in advance of your dive trip or holiday, and that you use it prior to departing on your trip. Regulators in particular can require a final tweak in adjustment to achieve optimum performance – that’s great as we have our very own inland dive site to ensure you are totally 100% happy with your kit and that is has been serviced to your satisfaction and specifications.

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